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SLO early1900sEmersonSchoolMrs. Nicholson’s class at Emerson School in San Luis Obispo. About 35 students pose for a photo in an early 20th century classroom, in a room full of blackboards and folding desks.

World War I pins and their finest overalls:
Back to school circa 1918 in San Luis Obispo was a lot different 

By David Middlecamp
via the San Luis Obispo Tribune newspaper (CA) web site

It is the end of August, and the days are getting longer — if you are a student.

I remember the shock when endless summer was over and bicycling to the pool was replaced with bicycling to school.

Teachers usually find a way to get a room full of random energy all working in the same direction. In the undated photo above, the only information provided on the teacher bringing this room together is Miss or Mrs. Nicholson, Emerson school teacher.

It was picture day, for what appears to be about a fifth-grade class of 35 students. Many of the boys are wearing ties, two in their best clean overalls.

All of the students sit with hands folded. Many of the girls have giant ribbons in their hair. Boys have their hair brushed back out of their eyes.

At least one boy couldn’t hold still for the long exposure, his face blurred.

Several of the children are wearing buttons with a cross on them; perhaps it was a fundraiser for the Red Cross during World War I which makes me guess the photo is circa 1918.

Read the entire article on the San Luis Obispo Tribune web site.

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