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5d743d0fb496d.imageJames Carucci, an archaeologist and longtime Lompoc Museum Trustee, unveils the revitalized World War I monument Saturday in front of the museum. 

Reborn WWI monument revealed at Lompoc Museum 

By Lorenzo Reyna
via the Lompoc Record newspaper (CA) web site

“The eagle has landed,” Lompoc Museum board of trustees member Don Adams told a crowd in front of the newly resculptured World War I monument Saturday.

After nearly three years of raising money and implementing repairs, the city now has a reborn World War I monument that sits in front of the city’s museum on 200 South H St.

And now the monument has a new feature sitting atop of the revitalized structure: a bronze bald eagle.

“There was a missing piece, and that very important piece now sits at the top,” Adams said over a microphone, drawing applause from the nearly 100 attendees.

“This is a celebration today, but it also continues to be a remembrance and honor to remember those who fell in this war so long ago.” 

Read the entire article on the Lompoc Record web site.

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