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Canfield, OH man receives lost military award over 100 years after great uncle died 

By Rod Cowan
via the WBKN 27 First News television station (OH) web site

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – A World War I veteran died overseas in France but Thursday night, he got an award that has been lost for years.

In Canfield, a great-nephew received his great uncle’s Purple Heart almost 101 years to the day he died in the war.

Joseph Knecht never knew his great uncle, who shares the same name.

Thanks to Purple Hearts Reunited, he and his family received a Purple Heart and something almost as valuable — closure.

“I received a phone call out of the blue, which was a big surprise,” Knecht said.

He was too young to know his great uncle but, through some research, learned about him and his service to our country during WWI.

“So I actually did some research, talked to my mom,” Knecht said. “She said she had a box of things that belonged to him. Letters from home, letters he sent to his parents, the obituary.”

He also looked into the nonprofit organization on the other end of the line, Purple Hearts Reunited.

“When they explained who they were and what they did, it was quite impressive,” Knecht said.

Joseph Knecht, from Hartford, Indiana, enlisted in the U.S. Army on March 29, 1918.

Six months later on Sept. 29, he was killed in action in France during one of the final offensives in war.

Read the entire article on the WKBN web site here:

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