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Clara Goldsmith grave 

WWI nurse Clara Goldsmith is East Liberty, OH Hometown Hero 

via the Bellefontaine Examiner (OH) newspaper web site

Local military heroes have been spotlighted during the last four years at the East Liberty Memorial Day Celebration, and among their ranks have included a Civil War captain; Gen. John J. “Black Jack” Pershing’s personal secretary during World War I; a survivor of the Bataan Death March; and a corporal who served in World War II’s Battle of the Bulge.

This year as medical personnel locally and around the world bravely work on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, a World War I U.S. Army nurse, Clara Goldsmith, has been named the 2020 East Liberty Hometown Hero for the fifth annual award.

While the East Liberty Memorial Day ceremony is among the many local observations that have been canceled this year, East Liberty resident Jeff Hall and his son, attorney Tyler Hall, have researched the late Mrs. Goldsmith, a Logan County native, to put together a video presentation honoring her work as a nurse during another difficult time in the medical field.

The video will be available at the Perry Township website,, along with the East Liberty Church of Christ’s Facebook page. Tyler wrote a reflection about Mrs. Goldsmith, World War I nurses and the current times to be shared in the video.

“We are generous and compassionate by nature in this country, and we see that generosity and compassion time and again,” he wrote.

“Sometimes we realize it during the times of national or local emergencies as communities band together to support each other. Other times we will simply notice how our neighbor comes to plow out our driveway after a few inches of snow.

“At its base, we all have, and we give to those who have not. We do not need to be commanded to do so by some higher authority; we want to help.

“The pinnacle of that selflessness manifests itself in segments of our populace that we all know: medical first responders, law enforcement, and military service members. These are individuals whose assistance goes well beyond the norm. In many cases, they hold our own lives in their hands as they treat us, protect us, and defend us.

“Clara Goldsmith, this year’s Hometown Hero, was such a person.”

Read the entire article on the Bellefontaine Examiner web site here:

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