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Memorial to the World War Veterans of Tippecanoe Township 1917-1918

Memorial to the World War Veterans of Tippecanoe Township 1917-1918zoom
103 North St
Battle Ground
A total of 79 men from Tippecanoe Township in Tippecanoe County, Indiana served their country during the First World War. Below are the names of those men inscribed on 3 faces of the memorial.


(South Side)
(With Drinking Fountain)

1917 - 1918”

(East Side)
Raymond D. Baker
Alva Beaven
Norman E. Beeker
Samuel T. Beeker
Dr. Frank M. Biddle
Frederick W. Boetel
Clarence R. Booth
Horace H. Booth
Jesse I. Booth
Max Eller Booth
Charles P. Brown
Dawson C. Brown
Floyd E. Brown
Nelson S. Boyd
Henry Clifton Bryan
William Earl Bryan
Leslie D. Bryant
Walter E. Burkhardt
Joseph A. Buskirk
J. Evert Buck
Royal I. Clinger
Samuel H. Cochran
Aubert A. Condit
John Francis Cowger
Charles M. Donly
Lawrence J. Eylens

(North Side)
David C. Fisher
Donald D. Fisher
John A. Galey
Harry W. Hampton
Almon O. Harshman
Howard C. Henderson
Harry J. Hollcraft
Roger Hurst
Hubert T. Jackson
Wilbur S. Jackson
Bert Jennings
Claude Jolly
Roy E. Jolly
Albert C. Jones
Harry Kaufman
Leo C. Kelly
Harold G. Kolb
Lawrence F. Lank
Robert J. Lank
George A. Leibenguth
James Elwood Maxwell
Lillian D. Mahin
Elmer L. Martin
William M. Martin
Marion Paul Mitchell
Clarence C. Mullendore
Ivan D. Nice

(West Side)
Carl E. Overly
William L. Owens
Henry E. Pauley
Ivan Pauley
Harry C. Pierce
Vere Ransdell
Sherman K. Ridgway
B. Collie Ridgway
John N. Rosser
Gilbert E. Rowe
Joseph F. Royer
Russel C. Shigley
James Shoup
Clarence R. Smith
Evert F. Smith
Dewey W. Stackhouse
Roy C. Stretch
Lynn S. VanNatta
Minor VanSchepen
Roland L. VanScoyoc
Ross L. Watkins
Theodore Watkins
Roy Lee Wilson
Clinton A. Withrow
Arthur Ray Wright
Earl Zeibler

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