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Spirit of the American Doughboy

Spirit of the American Doughboyzoom
489 Main Plaza,
New Braunfels
Sculpture: Cast Zinc
Sculptor: E.M. Visquesney
Dedicated: Nov 11, 1937
Inscription: "Dedicated Nov 11, 1937 to World War I veterans of Comal County 1917-1918". This is one of a number of this sculpture, which appears in several other American states. The funds to purchase the statue were donated to American Legion Post 179 (whose charter members in 1920 were all World War I veterans) by Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Clousnitzer in 1937. The "doughboy" is standing in full combat gear, holding a rifle in his left hand. His right arm is upraised and extended forward, as if signaling, "Follow me!". He holds a grenade in his right hand.

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