All Veterans Memorial Monument And Flag Pole

All Veterans Memorial Monument And Flag Poleloupe
Southwest Watson Avenue, Central Beaverton

Erected in part by Beaverton “Barracks 1760, Veterans Of World War 1”. Dedicated: “August 1980


Bronze Plaque At Base Of Adjacent Flag Pole Reads


      Donated By Beaverton Posts

    4617 Veterans Of Foreign Wars

             124 American Legion

Barracks 1760, Veterans Of World Wart 1


The Fayetteville County, TX one is a bit more difficult, because the granite monument says one thing, and in actuality, that has been changed.  It says the plaques listing soldiers names are inside the courthouse when they have been moved outside and attached to metal stands around the granite monument.  

In addition, one of the new ones I am submitting today needs two photos also, because you can not tell from the full photo what you are looking at, because the bronze plaque is mounted flat to the ground and the name plaques are randomly and individuals mounted to a nondescript concrete block.

Robert Shay, PH3, USNR-R, 1964-70