Annacortes Historical Mural Project

Annacortes Historical Mural Projectloupe
1017 7th Street @ Commercial Street

Wallie Funk, Sr. & Charles Pinson
Seaman Pinson was the City of Anacortes last surviving WWI Veteran  

The streets are alive with colorful caricatures from the city’s past, many that tell a story showing old modes of transportation.

The brain-child of local historian and artist Bill Mitchell who, though wheelchair bound, has painted nearly 120 murals since 1984. Many are located in their proper locations, most in the old town area.


The correct name of Petty Officer Pinson’s ship is the USS Chebaulip (A Navy Supply Ship)

  • Chebaulip, USN 1918-1919 (ex American S.S. Chebaulip, 1918).

4839 Gross Tons, Length 380.0', Beam 53.75', Comm. 11 Jul 18, Decom. 9 May 19, ID # 3141
No image has been located of USS Chebaulip

Robert Shay, PH3, USNR-R, 1964-70