Bainbridge High School

Bainbridge High Schoolloupe
9330 High School Road NE
Bainbridge Island

The War Heroes Memorial Monument is on the high school campus, so if you visit, you must check-in with the school office.  This is a very moving Memorial Monument to visit. The sculpture is subdued but says more than many larger monuments and memorials I have seen and the sentiments on the granite pillars speak volumes in a very few words.

The plaques on the back side of the Memorial lists the names of island residents who “Made The Supreme Sacrifice” in defense of our nation.  As you face the monument, the names on the right plaque were lost in World War 1, Korea and Vietnam.  On the left side, the entire plaque lists those lost in World War 2.

Monument inscription:

      Left side:                           Right side:
 THEY FOUGHT                  HERE WITH
       FOR US                        ONE ACCORD
       FOR US                        WE DO THEM 
   THEY FELL                          HONOR

Robert Shay, PH3, USNR-R, 1964-70