Chattooga Co. - Summerville - Doughboy Memorial

Chattooga Co. - Summerville - Doughboy Memorialloupe
818 Memorial Dr. On the grounds of the Chattooga County Memorial Home - American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars
Photos courtesy of Lamar Veatch

Chattooga County Memorial and Doughboy Statue.   Inscription:  In Memorium - World War Veterans of Chattooga County, Georgia 1917 - 1918.  Erected 1934 by Citizens and Friends of Chattooga County.  Fostered by The Trion Company, B.D. Riegel, Pres. & Treas., N.B. Murphy, Vice Pres., A.D. Elliott.

Spirit of The American Doughboy (statue), Copyrighted by E.M. Viquesney, Sculptor, Spencer, Indiana. 

Bronze plaques on three sides of the memorial column are inscribed with the names of soldiers from this county that fought in WW1. Photos of these names are attached in the  photo gallery. Those that lost their lives are marked with stars next to their names.

Accompanying the memorial is an artillery piece.    It has been identified as a German 7.6 Minenwerfer (Trench Mortar) on a carriage probably made post war so it could be displayed as a memorial. In the trenches, it would usually be on a square brace pad. These types of mortars were not used after the war and so were scrapped or taken as a war trophy by the allies.