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Oak Park-River Forest War Memorial

Oak Park-River Forest War Memorialloupe
Oak Park
Gilbert Wiswold

Erected by the citizens of Oak Park and River Forest, Illinois in honor of the men of this community who took part in the World War, 1914-1918." It depicts a US pilot, a soldier & a sailor in front of a figure of Columbia sheathing her sword. Inscribed with the names of 2,446 veterans from Oak Park, 56 of whom were killed in WWI.

Actually, the "public subscription" efforts tallied $52,206.69, but the effort, spearheaded by a committee, started fundraising efforts as early as 1921, so the investment earnings on the fund topped out at $59,267.46, leaving the Park District of Oak Park with a trust fund of $6,693. 83 to be used for maintenance and cleaning.

 Renovation began in July 2009. Initially, it was expected to cost more than $240,000, but another $79,400 was added when inspectors in October 2009 found the foundation also was decaying. The final renovation cost was $326,400.

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