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First Marine Aviation Force/ General Roy S. Geiger Memorial

First Marine Aviation Force/ General Roy S. Geiger Memorialzoom
The greenway at the intersection of Deer Run and Curtiss Parkway
Miami Spring
November 13, 1948

This monument commemorates the birth of U.S. Marine Corps Aviation.  Under the leadership of Florida-born Captain Roy S. Geiger, also remembered here, who was the fifth Marine pilot, the “old Curtiss Flying Field” (as it was initially referred to in USMC documents) on the Miami River became the first Marine airbase, housing all four squadrons who are also memorialized by this monument on Curtiss Parkway. Bombing and strafing practice was done over the Miami River Canal and where the nearby Miami Springs Golf Course is today. The 135 Marines trained here served in France and the Azores during WWI.

November 13, 1948

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