Doughboy - Philadelphia, PA

Doughboy - Philadelphia, PAloupe
N 2nd St & Spring Garden St
restored & re-dedicated 9 June 2018

Doughboy statue - with Honor Roll

9 June 2018, broken bayonet and the stolen plaque have been replaced by Kreilick Conservation, LLC.

The names of the 400 soldiers from the missing bronze plaque were provided by Charles and Mildred Vessey.  Mildred’s father, Charles Burg, was a WWI Vet and had attended the original ceremony.  He told them to keep the program because “some day someone will want those names”

The Doughboy statue is located at Second and Spring Garden streets and honors soldiers  from the River Wards who served in the First World War. The statue is a bronze figure of a WWI Doughboy in uniform with field pack, carrying a rifle with bayonet in his left hand. A plaque plaque on the front of the granite pedestal reads: “IN MEMORY OF OUR BOYS OF THE SIXTH, ELEVENTH, AND TWELFTH WARDS WHO SERVED IN THE GREAT WAR OF THE NATIONS, 1914 – 1918.”

Title(s) - Philadelphia Northern Liberties Doughboy Memorial

-- 2nd St & Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA 19123
-- in Madison Memorial park
-- GPS coordinates 39.960815, -75.141258

Inscriptions (all text on a memorial, including names)
-- Flour City Orn. Iron Co., Mpls., Minn

Physical properties
-- bronze figure of a WWI Doughboy in uniform with field pack, ammunition belt, canteen, gas mask bag, carrying a rifle with bayonet

--dedicated: 30 May 1920
--Sculptor: John Paulding
--the name of the statue is "Over the Top"
--honors soldiers from the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia who served during the First World War, a star marks those who died
--Original Location: park on 5th St between streets that pre-date current street layout
- Moved the statue to 17th and Spring Garden in 1975 due to construction
- Moved to present location 1981

Condition 2017
-- fair
-- one plaque missing showing last name beginning with A-I
-- broken bayonet

Conservation treatment completed December, 2017, re-dedicated 9 June 2018

Condition 2018
-- Good
-- Replaced missing plaque on eastern side
-- Replaced missing section of bronze bayonet
-- entire sculpture leaned and re-waxed

 --conservation issues - city of Phila. planted a tree only four feet from the memorial

Mel Butcheck