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The Doughboy

The Doughboy loupe
Pershing Square, 5th and 6th Streets
Los Angeles
Humberto Pedretti

"The Doughboy", a bronze World War I uniformed soldier holding a flag on a 12-foot tall granite pedestal, was sculpted by Humberto J. Pedretti and dedicated on July 4, 1924 to honor all WWI veterans.  At the top of the pedestal are two bands of stars, at the bottom a bronze eagle, on the back a bronze medal, and on the front a bronze olive branch and helmet. Originally the monument stood at the northwest corner of Pershing Square as a gateway piece for the park. After the Pershing Square garage was constructed in the 1950s, The Doughboy was transferred to the southeast corner. In 1963 the statue was moved to the park's center, where it remained until it was relocated to the Palm Court when Pershing Square was redesigned in 1994.

The inscription reads:

"Dedicated to the sons and daughters of Los Angeles who participated in World War, 1917-1918".  



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