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Amsterdam World War I Memorial

Amsterdam World War I Memorialloupe
West End Memorial Park, W. Main St.

This is a life size bronze statue of a WWI infantryman whose right hand clasps the strap of a rifle which hangs at his side. His left hand rests at the top of a saber which hangs from his artillery belt. He wears a brimmed hat, leggings, and rolled-up shirtsleeves. On the granite exedra base is a relief of a wreath flanked by images of flames and ea­gles' heads. It was sculpted by David Cunningham Lithgow and ded­icated tin November 29, 1925, as a tribute to the 10 veterans of WWI. A "Big Bertha" cannon had sat in front of the sculpture, but it was used for salvage during WWII.


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