Cheyenne and Arapaho Veterans Memorial

Cheyenne and Arapaho Veterans Memorialloupe
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Cheyenne-Arapaho-Veterans Memorial Wall

This war memorial stands on the grounds of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribal Headquarters. This is a beautiful war memorial, erected near the tribal administration offices. Four black granite pillars are engraved with the names of tribal members who have served in this Nation's wars. The photo gallery shows closeups of some of the names which are distinctly Native American. Above the four pillars a black granite cross beam reads: "Men and Women Who Served to Protect our Freedoms", and the words: Duty - Honor - Country - Tribe. A red granite gabled pediment is above engraved: "Cheyenne-Arapaho Veterans" and the words: Tsistsistas (Cheyenne) and Hinono'el (Arapaho). The center black pillar has a map of Oklahoma, with tribal symbols. It reads: "In honor of our veterans and the Gold Star Mothers we dedicate this memorial". Beneath that: "Our veterans gave a portion of their lives, and some lost their lives in order for us to enjoy the freedom we have now". The names of those Killed In Action are listed beneath. The memorial stands on an octagonal plaza with two benches and is lit at night. Designed and built by Willis Granite.