Saville Doughboy Statue

Saville Doughboy Statueloupe
Bruce Wilder Seville

This statue of a World War I American soldier by sculptor Bruce Wilder Saville now sits on the lawn of the Ohio History Center in Columbus, Ohio. Saville, a professor at The Ohio State University, cast the sculpture named "The Victorious Doughboy" in 1924 to honor veterans of the First World War. The soldier is depicted in mid-stride with his proper left leg forward and his proper right arm holding his gun which rests on his shoulder. In this photograph, the statue is seen at the north side entrance of the Ohio State Museum located at Sullivant Hall on the Ohio State campus, which served as the previous home of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society (now the Ohio History Connection) before it moved near the state fairgrounds in 1970.

Single figure -- soldier
American Art Foundry, New York