Cherokee Warrior Memorial

Cherokee Warrior Memorialloupe
17675 S. Muskogee Ave.
Nov. 11, 2005

The Cherokee Warrior Memorial is located on the grounds of the Cherokee National headquarters. The memorial is 12 feet tall and is made of black granite.

There is an inscription on the memorial which reads: "A grateful Cherokee Nation dedicates this memorial to all Cherokee men and women, both living and dead, who have defended their families, their people and their homeland. These names are carved in stone forever. POW-MIA, you are not forgotten." The words are etched in both Cherokee syllabary and English.

Behind the wall, there stand ten flag poles: the US flag in the middle, flanked by the POW-MIA flag and Cherokee Nation flag. The remaining seven include the branches of the US military as well as those of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and United Keetoowah Band.