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Lansdowne World War Monument - Pennsylvania

Lansdowne World War Monument - Pennsylvanialoupe
Clover Ave and N Highland Avenues
Campus of Penn Wood High School
November 11, 1921
Clarence Brazer

On the front of the monument the following is inscribed:

Our Honored Dead

Edmund Garretson Cook

Paul DeNegre

Edwin Eldon Graham Elder

Norman H. Leonard

Howard P. Melody

Edward Francis McShane

Joseph Ryan

Soccorso Tecce

Raymond William Watson

John W. Wiegel, Jr.

Edwin S. Williams

Albert Clinton Wunderlich On the rear of the monument the inscription reads:

To The Honor

Of The Men from Lansdowne

Who Entered The Great World War


This Monument is Dedicated

By Their Fellow Townsmen

In Token of Sorrow of Their Lives

Of Pride in Their Valor

And in the Full Assurance

That the Memory of their Heroism

In Life and Death

Will Inspire

The Future Youth of Lansdowne

With the Same

Courage and Devotion 


The Lansdowne World War Monument - Located on grounds of Penn Wood HS, formerly Lansdowne HS, N Highland Ave & Clover Ave, Lansdowne, PA 19050, Delaware County

Restored in 1998.

Lansdowne School District, Borough of Lansdowne and American Legion Post 65

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