Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians Veterans Memorial

Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians Veterans Memorialloupe
15480 Migizi Dr.
Red Lake

This memorial was erected on the Red Lake Nation College campus. The memorial site is made up of four large black granite stones.

The memorial stone in the front of the site bears a dedication which reads: “Welcome to the Red Lake Nation Veteran’s Memorial. Honoring all of the men and women from the Red Lake Nation who have served in the armed forces in protection of our Nation and tribe. These names include all Red Lake veterans from World War I to the present day. We honor the bravery, service, and camaraderie that unites Ogichidaag (warriors) across time and place. Dedicated on this date of August 17, 2015, from all the people of the Red Lake Nation. Veterans names are in alphabetical order, not by rank, date of service, or branch. Names added after 8-17-15 will not be in alphabetical order.”

On the memorial stone behind the front stone there are inscribed the Red Lake National seal.

The other two memorial stones, to the right and left, are inscribed with the veteran’s names.