Alaska Native Veterans Memorial

Alaska Native Veterans Memorialloupe
358 W Willoughby Ave

This memorial site is composed of multiple stones and a statue.

The monument against east wall of house bears a dedication which reads:

“This memorial is dedicated to all
Alaska Native Veterans,
Southeast who served in the
United States Armed Forces.

Let us not dwell on their passing
but remember their shining Spirits that will live on forever.

World War I, World War II, Korea
Vietnam, Gulf War era, Panama,
Granada, Bosnia, and Afghanistan

We honor all Veterans who served their country

US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, US Air Force, US Merchant Marine, Alaska Territorial Guard.”

The monuments on southeast lawn bear the inscriptions:

'Tsimshian Warrior'

Gaayhidaa la aaygaa
'Haida Warrior'

X'egaa kawu
'Tlingit Warrior'

The monuments on northeast lawn bear the inscriptions:

Yl gu. aa yax x'wan
'Tlingit for Courage'

Gudangaay daats gaa:
'Haida for Courage'

'Tsimshian for Courage'

The statue is of an Alaska Territorial Guard wearing an arctic combat uniform and holding an M-1 Garand rifle.