Men of Gayhead WWI Memorial

Men of Gayhead WWI Memorialloupe

This memorial plaque is located in Aquinnah, Massachusetts, which was known as "Gayhead" until the name was changed in 1997.

The inscriptions on the plaque read:

In honor of the men of Gayhead who served their country in the World War

Samuel J. Anthony, Benjamin L. Attaquin, Solomon M. Attaquin, George L. Belain, William H. Cook, Edmund S. Cooper, George W. Cooper, Herbert N. Cooper, Crosby L. Crocker, Durwood W. Diamond, Theodore E. Haskins, Isaiah P. Haskins, Merrian C. Hayson, Marshall Jeffers, Walter W. Manning, Charles W. Ryan, Grover O. Ryan, Jesse P. Smalley, Russell C. Smalley, Charles W. Vanderhoop, Cummins A. Vanderhoop, David F. Vanderhoop, and Leonard D. Vanderhoop