Black Hawk County Soldiers Memorial Hall

Black Hawk County Soldiers Memorial Hallloupe
194 West 5th Street

The Black Hawk County Soldiers Memorial, is a classical revival styled veterans hall, located in downtown Waterloo, Iowa. It was built
between 1915 and 1916 as The Great War was ragged across the Atlantic in Europe.
It was built by the young tradesmen who soon would be called upon to enlist in
the U.S. Military and join that fight for freedom and liberty. Americans saw this
as an opportunity to repay our debt to France for their assistance 141 years earlier
during our War for Independence.
It was built by The Grand Army of the Republic as a memorial to soldiers who died in
the American Civil War. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places
in 1988 due to its architecture and importance in local history.
As there were fewer Civil War veterans the hall turned to Spanish War and World
War 1 and World War 2 veterans to carry on it’s mission as a gathering place for
all American military veterans.

Notation: These photos are not as clear as I would have liked, but the daylight was waining
and it was raining heavily. I could not take the time I normally do to make sure they were
perfectly clear. If the opportunity presents itself, I will retake these pictures.

Robert Shay, PH3, USNR-R, 1964-70