Chickasaw County Veterans Memorial

Chickasaw County Veterans Memorialloupe
8 East Prospect Street
New Hampton

The Chickasaw County Veterans Memorial was dedicated on
November 11, 2013.
Opening into the Memorial is a large archway etched with the
emblems of all branches of the military, with two small tablets,
one one each side, thanking donors and veterans. There are
ten black granite walls inscribed with the names of local
veterans from all wars as well as peacetime. There are also
two obelisks, benches, granite markers and a bronze sculpture
of a young woman and child holding a ceremonially folded
American flag.
No taxpayer funds were used to build this Memorial. only
donations from veterans, veterans families and other private
sources, as well as grants.

Robert Shay, PH3, USNR-R, 1964-70