DeKalb County - Decatur - Honor Roll

DeKalb County - Decatur - Honor Rollloupe
Old Courthouse on the Square 101 East Court Square
November 11, 1928
Photos courtesy of Michael Hitt and Lamar Veatch

DeKalb County Honor Roll. Memorial bronze plaques located in the main lobby area of the Old DeKalb County Courthouse. A total of twenty-three names are contained, including six under the heading of “Colored”.

Inscription: “Erected November 11, 1928 By Young Matrons’ Chapter Service Star Legion.”

A second bronze plaque is inscribed: “Dedicated to those of DeKalb County, GA: Who offered their lives in humanity’s defense in the war of the nations and in memory of those who gave their last full measure of devotion. Erected November 11, 1927 By Young Matrons’ Chapter Service Star Legion.”