Dougherty Co. - Albany - Flint River Memorial Bridge

Dougherty Co. - Albany - Flint River Memorial Bridgeloupe
Business HWY 82 at the Flint River

Memorial Bridge. Built in 1920 and rebuilt in 2015. Plaques at each end of the bridge.

1920 plaques. “As the enduring expression of a community's pride and gratitude, this bridge was erected A.D. 1920, as a memorial to those who went from Dougherty County to serve their country in the World War. 1917 - 1919.”

“We hold in grateful remembrance those who stepped from the pursuits of peace in response to the call of their country and of civilization and in the World War 1917-1919 offering themselves for the maintenance of American rights for the preservation of American ideals and for the realization of humanity’s hopes.”

2015 Plaque. Flint River Bridge. Rededicated in 2015. See photo for inscription.