Mower County D.A.R. World War Memorial

Mower County D.A.R. World War Memorialloupe
1303 6th Ave. SW

Erected by: Daughters of the American Revolution
Red Cedar Chapter, Mower County, MO 

Text below is quoted from the Historical Society brochure:

Members of the Red Cedar Chapter have been very diligent in the care of this
tribute to the Mower County men who gave their lives in World War I. Originally
placed in Todd Park at the edge of a grove of sixty-four elm trees, one planted
for each man named on the tablet, it has been moved to several locations over
the years since it was first placed. After the trees succumbed to age and Dutch
elm disease, the boulder was removed from the park to the court house square,
then to Main Street N and 5th Place NW, in the area of the city’s public swimming
pool. During 2014 construction of the area, the marker was again displaced to
a temporary site in another area near the pool and finally to it’s present and
permanent location on the grounds of the Mower County Historical Society.

Robert Shay, PH3, USNR-R, 1964-70, Sue Doocy, Research & Archives Mgr., Mower County Historical Society