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Veterans Memorial Park

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Veterans Memorial Park

The primary mission of the park is to make sure that future generations understand the true cost of maintaining our Freedom and the Liberty for which so many American Servicemen and Women “…gave their last full measure of devotion…”. To the 650,000 American who have died in combat since the Revolutionary War, as well as the 310,000 who have died during time of war from disease or accident, and the 210,000 who have died in training or while serving in non-combat areas, we give our deepest and most sincere thanks. Their sacrifice over these past 243 years has given our nation, the world’s beacon of freedom, a promising future.

When building the Veterans Memorial Park, the Parks Commission hoped that the different organizations would hold their ceremonies at the newly constructed facility. To our pleasure, more and more events are being held at the park.

The park has been host to memorials for military veterans who have passed away, Memorial Day services, Veterans Day services, Flag Day Services and the Viet Now annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony to bring attention to the plight of families of service members who remain Missing In Action or are otherwise unaccounted for.

Plans are being made to provide amiable parking for the visitors who attend these ceremonies.

Robert Shay, PH3, USNR-R, 1964-70
The City of Dixon, Illinois, under the direction of the Veterans Memorial Park Commission

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