Dr. Frank Boston Memorial

Dr. Frank Boston Memorialloupe
700 N Broad St

Memorial plaques in memory of Dr. Frank Erdman Boston in Lansdale, PA.  A Philadelphian, Dr. Boston left his practice and trained at the Medical Officers Training Camp for Colored Officers, Ft. Des Moines and served with the 317th Engineers Regiment, 92nd Division in France in 1918.  Dr. Boston was a member of the American Medical Association, the Philadelphia County Medical Society and the National Medical Association.  In an era when white hospitals would not admit black patients, Dr. Boston established a private 23-bed hospital, Elm Terrace Hospital, in Lansdale, PA, that admitted black patients and moved his private residence from Philadelphia to Hatfield, PA, near Lansdale. Dr. Boston became a well known and respected citizen of Lansdale and was a member of the First Baptist Church of Lansdale, on whose grounds the memorial is located at the corner of Broad St. & W. Seventh St.