Fairmount Park WW1 Grove

Fairmount Park WW1 Groveloupe
Belmont Mansion Dr & Belmont Ave

Although proposed by the Pennsylvania Society of the Loyal Legion in 1921, the earliest available aerial photo shows that by 1928, the memorial grove had not been planted.  The next available aerial photo in 1959 shows the grove had been planted an in relatively good condition.  Aerial photos in 2004 show the grove deteriorated by undergrowth and by the recreation area the City of Philadelphia had built into the center of the grove.  A site visit in 2017 found only a handful of the original tree markers still present, many of which had been destroyed by construction of the recreation area, along with the trees they identified.  A site visit in 2019  revealed only two of the original tree labels remaining.  Although some of the original trees are still living, the memorial grove barely exists.

Original tree labels had letters stamped in aluminum strips with name, rank, unit in which they served, and date of death typically shown:
1914 Memorial Tree 1918
Reed Barnitz
Sergt. Co. L 315th Inf 79th Div.
October 11th, 1918
Monfaucon, France

The names of those originally memorialized by tree and labeled concrete marker:

William P. Roche, Jr.
J. Palmer Fullerton, Jr.
Edward Mealiff
John Henry B. Quinn
R. Franklin Hill, M.D.
Leslie Meslin
Harry D. Coates
Abram K. Street
George W. Peck
Chas. E.S. Webster
Raymond C. Burky
Frederick O. Waage, M.D.
Howard K. Dunn, Jr.
George B. Evans, Jr.
Henry H. Houston II
Edwin T. Van Dusen II
Nelson W. Perine
William H.S. Schultz
Robert F. Brister
Edward J. Kearney
Alfred R. Allen, M.D.
William G. Junkin
Joseph A. Abrams
Richard F. Day
Martin C. Barrett
Frank F. Battles
John J. Fisher
Hugh A. Stirling
Chester F. Willey
Lloyd A. Daddow
Henry F. Singer
James Fox
Harry G. Robinson, Jr.
Clarence P. Freeman
Howard C. McCall
Mortimer P. Crane
Robert E. Hutchinson
Thomas H. Miles
Richard D.H. Burt
Thomas Massey, Jr.
William C. Rock
William C. Greifzu
William J. Phelan
George G. Stratton
Louis H. Fielding
William C. Faber
Benjamin Bullock
Charles W. Edmunds
Maxwell E. Chamberlin
Thomas W. Astbury, Jr.
John K. Bender
David F. Akers
Fred. T. Cunningham
Emanuel R. Wilson
Louis Berkowitz
Jacob M. Shimer
William M. Solly
David Rupp
John S. Wheeler
Basil L. Steel
George N. Althouse
James P. Arnold
Ralph Melville
Dead of the 314th Infantry
In Memory of the Boys of Frankford
Harry W. Prince
Donald T. Shenton
Oliver D. Forbes
In Memory of the Dead of Second Troop P.C.C.
Thomas B. Fales
Carl C. Glanz
A.E. Fletcher
Charles W. Hewitt/Walter A. Hansler
Tribute to Company "A", 301st Heavy Tank
Winfield Jackson
Edwin D. Cryer
Vivion K. Mouser
Carl A. Goodwin
Harry B. Mauger
Joseph D. Archer
Marian H. White
Edwin H. Fort
Raymond Upton
J. Alfred Dougherty
Lemuel Kolb
Everett B. Mosier
Mary E. Appel
Helen Fairchild
George E. Braker, Jr.
Edward J. Friel
Earl R. Davis
John C. Bowman
George B. McKinney, Jr.
Wistar Morris
Virginia Branum, Y.M.C.A.
Effie Shields, Y.M.C.A.
Allyn Capron, Sr./Allyn Capron, Jr.
Anthony M. Forsthoffer
David L. Knapp
To the Unknown Heroes
William M. Conley/George T. Willis/Francis B. Corbin
William B. Kuen
Thomas R. Reath
Clarence R. Campbell
Elwood R. Buchanan
George R. Slook/Charles Coyne
Edward J. Van Dyke
In Memory of the Unknown Dead
Thomas P. Enright
In Memory of the Boys of Allegheny County
George M. Imhof
Joseph Fitzharris
William P. McGoohan
John Cannon
John J. Springer
Sons of the Mothers of Democracy Club
Alfred W. Mengel
Eugene B. Snyder
Thomas D. Van Diver
John R. Conway
Thomas G. Hirst
Benjamin T. Beierlein
John S. MacArthur
Robert J. Hewson
William H. Salvador
Charles H. Falkner
Alfred Y. Hendricks
William Weiss
Leo H. Bernd
David H. Cochran
Joyce Kilmer
Charles W. Evans
William J. Clark
Frank A. Ruff
In Memory of the Boys of the Air Service
Charles D. Schmolze
Joseph G. Duncan
George W. Meell
John Nusbickel
William F. Ranson, Jr.
W.V. McCaffrey
William S. Crowell
In Memory of the Men of the 314th Infantry
Samuel H. Ewart
Robert E. Garner
Francis L. Caville
Marian Crandall
James B. Arnott
In Memory of the Boys of the 151st Field Artillery
In Memory of the Dead of Prince Forbes Post No.7, American Legion
Clyde F. Mowrer
In Memory of the Boys of the 111th Infantry
John V. Newlin
Warren T. Kent
Clarence Taunt
Alfred Veary
Horace Veary
Burton D. Bagg
Richard J. Currie
Norton Downs, Jr.
Charles C. Smith
Stanley Nelson
Frank A. Howe
In Memory of the Boys of Girard College
Clarence Laird
George McCaughan
Hiram D. Johnson
Edgar B. Lloyd
Lester W. Johns
James A. Donaghy
In Memory of the Philadelphia Women
Arthur H. Wilson
H.H.H. Woodward
Henry F. Michell
John O.J. Shellenberger
In Memory of the Boys of Union Tabernacle Presbyterian Church
In Memory of the Boys of Kappa Chap. Chi. Fraternity, University of Pennsylvania
Edward J. Kelley
Alexander S. Harrington
Eugene C. Everhart, Jr.
Robert T. Isett
Herbert E. Meret
Augustine J. Whiteside
Harry Ingersoll
Taylor E. Walthour
Morris B. Miller
Paul H. Ludwig
Frank C. Siner
The Unknown Soldier
Joseph R. Milligan
Samuel K. Anders
Samuel McCrory
John T. Tufts
John D. Stark
To the Unknown Dead
Thomas J. Pilling
Walter H. Jones
George T. Rodgers
Dallas W. Koons
Harold D. Cupitt
Julian C. Biddle
In Memory of the U.S. Marines
Samuel L. Cassedy
Harold P. Rossiter
Earl F. Smith
Howard W. Munder
George J. Weber
James W. Cooper
John R. Graham
Paul B. Harnish
Jean M. Lueders
George J. Druding
Thomas L. Bolster
Frank D. Deily
Alice Ireland, Nurse
John L. Billig
Frank E. Prandi
Claude C. Cunningham
Charles W. Titus
Samuel H. Surgenor
Carl W. Raue
Bernard A. Fischler
In Memory of Wilkes-Barre Boys
Edward A. Featherstone
Joseph G. Featherstone
Hans C. Behrends
Edwin L. Fetters
John V. Dillon
Allen R. Evans
Gurdon M. Robins
Charles S. Weaver
John W. Armstrong
Raymond J. Considine
John McCrae
Clark B. Nichol
Howard C. Bainbridge
William W. Roberts
John F. Hackett
Eugene A. Smith
Alfred B. White
Edward W. Barker
Robert Ashenhurst
Joseph E. Hoopes
Leonard A. Haskett, Jr.
John J. Bedingfield
Walter H. Distler
Edward Gallagher
Clinton M. Lynn
Antonio Camerote
James F. Webb
In Memory of the Boys of Fox Chase-Rockledge
Alexander Friedel, Jr.
William V. Griffin
Fredrick W. Buckwald
Henry B. Major
Thomas W. Jackson
William R. Epler
William Lunn, Jr
Norman O. Pickett
Einar J. Keer
John A. Barron
Clarence P. Conway
Russell C. Gross
Robert Barr
Earl Adams
Charles J. Coyle
Robert A. Herkert
John Latch
In Memory of the Boys of Frankford Post No. 211
In Memory of the Men of the Philadelphia Terminal Division P.R.R.
Herbert J. Green
Joseph Vasella
Herbert Warriner
Albert J.C. Curtis
Matthew W. Forsyth
Thomas A. Carr
Walter M. Gearty
Martin H. Smith
In Memory of The Old Guard of State Fencibles Post No. 142
Alfred Bentley, Jr.
John P. Barrett
James J. Barry
William E. Raken
Edward P. Frazer
Reed Barnitz
Vincent J. Torpey
Raymond F. Kuhl
James H. Tinline
In Memory of the Men of the 315th Infantry
Joseph O. Yehle
Members of the Breen-McCracken Post No. 270
John R. Witmer
In Memory of the Boys of Philadelphia
Emmett C. Lamb
Herbert Kreps
In Memory of Company "L", 316th Infanty, 79th Division
Walter B. Tucker
William J. Mahrer, Jr.
Walter B. Drebelbis
John Nagle
In Memory of the Men of Lafayette Post No. 264, American Legion
In Memory of the Boys from the Chapel of the Mediator
Nathaniel Hathaway, Jr.
Joseph D. Carpenter
In Memory of Our Departed Comrades, Yeomen F. Post 50, American Legion
Dr. Maude M. Kelly
Louise H. Snowden, Y.M.C.A.
Wilfred MacHugh Priv. Sanitary Train
William A. Otto
Eva Rebecca Weir
US. Army Ambulance Service
James William Rogers, 315th Infantry
Andrew J. Ward