San Bernardino WW1 Memorial

San Bernardino WW1 Memorialloupe
San Bernardino

In this corner of Pioneer Park, at the corner of 6th and "E" streets, in downtown San Bernardino are the combined commemoration memorials of all wars the U.S. fought in. But, specifically, a memorial to honor the fallen soldiers of WW1 who were from San Bernardino sits prominently to the west of the two large Civil War canon and the main monument, the "Soldiers and Sailors Monument", which had been dedicated in April 1916, the year before the U.S. entered WW1, and is dedicated to the soldiers and sailors who lost their lives in four different wars: the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Spanish American War and the Mexican War of 1847 when California became a part of the United States.

 A 100th anniversary rededication and replacement event took place on April 16, 2016 to mark the centennial, and re-dedication of the main towering granite monument, capped by a standing Union soldier, and to replace two World War I plaques that were stolen the previous year. The World War I plaques were dedicated to the memory of twenty-two young San Bernardino men who gave their lives in World War 1.
After thieves stole the Bronze plaques, local citizens, and the San Bernardino Historical and Pioneer Society raised the funds to replace the monuments with all an new slab of engraved black granite.

Bill Betten