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Patton and the US Tank Corps

Patton and the US Tank Corpsloupe
4554 Fayette Ave
Fort Knox

Patton and the U.S. Tank Corps

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100c 100m wwi centennial plaque The Patton and the U.S. Tank Corps Monument was built in the memorial park located next to the Gen. George Patton Museum of Leadership to commemorate the 100th anniversary of CPT Patton joining the U.S. Tank Corps in November 1917. At the time, Patton was instructed to build the U.S. Tank School. He established the school, developed tactics and techniques, and lead the development of the first U.S. built tank. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his leadership and actions in World War I. This monument was designed to match the one in Bourg, France, where the U.S. tank school was located (that monument was dedicated in 1973).

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