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Camp Greene WWI Monument

Camp Greene WWI Monumentloupe
Ashley Park


The monument was erected to honor the men who trained for World War One at Camp Greene. The most striking feature is a tall fluted column with an elaborate carving at the top holding the earth. The column stands on a large granite plinth on a triple base with inscriptions naming all the units stationed at the camp. The south face also has the spinning wheel insignia of the Daughters of the American Revolution above the inscription. It is surrounded by a black wrought iron fence.

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The Daughters of the American Revolution erected a monument to the soldiers who served at Camp Greene. The monument is surrounded by a wrought iron fence and is located on the northeast corner of Wilkinson Boulevard and Monument Street in Charlotte, which are two of Charlotte’s thoroughfares.
The Daughters of the American Revolution
(Side Facing South) Erected by Mecklenburg Chapter Daughters of American Rev. in Commemoration of Camp Greene and In Honor of the Men Who Were Trained There For Service In World War Camp Greene July 12, 1917-June 30, 1919 (Side Facing East) 9th Infantry Brigade, 50th Infantry, 3rd Battalion, 90th Infantry, 2nd Battalion 122nd Infantry. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 56th, 57th, 810th, 817th Pioneer Infantries 3rd and 4th Motor Mechanics Regiments. 306th, 307th, 308th, 309th, 310th, 505th, 608th, 609th, 613th, 614th, 623rd, 627th, 680th, Aero Squadrons. 435th Engineers 51st Depot Brigade 1st Army Headquarters Detachment. 117th Ordnance Depot Company 3rd Division (Side Facing North) 17th and 41st Batallions United States Guards, 1st and 2nd Sanitary Squads. 60th and 429th Ambulance Companies. 30th Evacuation Hospital. 54th, 92nd, 122nd, 123rd, 147th Base Hospitals. Provisional Guard Unit. 318th and 371st Machine Shop Truck Units. 47th and 330th Motor Truck Companies. 7th, 92nd, 360th, 369th Bakery Companies. 306th Auxiliary Remount Depot. 344th, 345th, 346th, 347th and 348th Companies A and D of 349th Company A 350th and 423rd Labor Battalions and Camp Troops. 41st Division (Side Facing West) August 1, 1917-September 15, 1917 Commander Major W. S. Privott 3rd Battalion, 2nd N. C. Infantry, Co. B, ENG, N.C. N. G. Charlotte, NC. Capt. C. E. Bosch, COMDG. Co. D, 1st Inf. N.C.N.G. Charlotte, N.C. Capt. J. A. Parker, COMDG. M.G., Co. 1st Inf. N.C. N.G. Charlotte, N.C. Capt. R. H. Morrison, COMDG. Co. I, 2nd Inf. N.C. N.G. Edenton, N.C. Lieutenant E. G. Bell, COMDG. Co. K. 2nd Inf., N.C. N.G., Wilson, N.C. Capt. Louis Giddings, COMDG. Co. L. 2nd Inf. N.C. N. G. Lumber Bridge, N.C. Lieut. L. M. Currie, COMDG., Co. M. 2nd Inf., N.C. N. G., Dunn, N.C. Capt. J. L. Hines, COMDG. Lieut. Part of 30th Division

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