Rainbow Division Memorial

Rainbow Division Memorialloupe
Clinton Road and Saint James Street
Garden City

Located on a quarter-acre triangular plot of land, this monument is a fifteen by five foot obelisk of Alabama limestone. It stands across the street from what was the entrance to the 42nd Division's World War I training grounds at Camp Mills on the Hempstead Plains of Long Island.

Inscribed on it are a lone bugler standing in a military cemetery, a list of the units that made up the Rainbow Division, the states they came from, and the names of the World War I campaigns in which they fought.

The monument was originally dedicated in 1941, rededicated in a 1997 ceremony, and rededicated again in 2005.

The carvings of figures and the locations where the 42nd served during WW I on the monument are etched into the stone and are shallow. Some seem to have been weather eroded. The word inscriptions are carved deeper into the stone and are in very good shape. It's a simple yet very detailed monument with a great deal of information on it. It truly can't be appreciated unless one walks around it to read its inscriptions and to view the detailed scenes etched around the base, which show battle maps of major engagements of the 42nd.