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Spirit of the American Doughboy

Spirit of the American Doughboyzoom
Memorial Causeway Bridge
November 11, 1927
E. M. Viquesney

(On plaque at proper right corner of plinth, raised:) 'SPIRIT OF THE/AMERICAN DOUGHBOY'/COPYRIGHTED BY/E.M. VIQUESNEY SCULPTOR/SPENCER, INDIANA. (Around circumference of metal insignia on base, raised:) AMERICAN LEGION (At center of metal insignia on base, within star, raised:) U.S unsigned

Single figure -- soldier
Stone (any)
Base: approx. H. 5 ft. 3 in. x Diam. 9 1/2 ft.
Figure of a World War I infantryman advancing through the stumps and barbed wire of No Man's Land. He holds a rifle in his proper left hand and a grenade in his upraised proper right hand.
Monument to World War I soldiers. In 1991, T. Perry Wesley reported base media as stone; in 1994, Save Outdoor Sculpture survey reported base media as concrete.
Clearwater Memorial Causeway Park, Clearwater, Florida

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