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The Spirit of the American Doughboy

The Spirit of the American Doughboyloupe
Berrien County Courthouse Square
E. M. Viquesney

Figure of a World War I infantryman advancing through the stumps and barbed wire of No Man's Land. He holds a Springfield rifle in his proper left hand, with peep site in rear, and a grenade in his upraised proper right hand. His uniform consists of an ammo packet, canteen, backpack, bayonet scabbard, gas mask and helmet. The sculpture sits atop granite base with shield shapes on each side and stars and stripes decorations. The granite pedestal sits atop a paved brick footing.

Single figure -- soldier
Base: approx. 10 ft. x 7 ft. 8 in. x 7 ft
Funds for the sculpture were raised by a memorial committee headed by Rev. P. T. Knight (Ray City, GA). The sculpture was erected between 1920 and 1923 and was dedicated ca. 1921 or 1922. It was left veiled until late 1923, pending completion of fund raising efforts. The sculpture was originally installed in the middle of Marrion Avenue, facing north approximately 50 feet west of where it now stands. It was moved in the early 1950s and rededicated when Marrion Avenue, Georgia Highway 129 was paved. A member of the Parrish family who had a monument carving company in Nashville possibly may have assisted in carving the base. IAS files contain related newsclippings from Nashville Herald (Nashville, GA) Nov. 29, 1918, with an appeal for funding for the granite monument which cost $1,375. IAS files also contain unidentified publication with photograph of back view of sculpture, when still located on Marrion Street.
Administered by Berrien County, Berrien County Board of Commissioners, Berrien County Courthouse, Nashville, Georgia 31639 Located Courthouse Square, West Marrion Avenue at North Davis Street, Nashville, Georgia 31639

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