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The Spirit of the American Doughboy

The Spirit of the American Doughboyloupe
"Freedom Won" Park area at the north end of Main Street
May 30, 1923
E. M. Viquesney

(On plaque on base:) That the memory of the boys who gave their lives and their services in the defense of their country and to perpetuate its ideals shall live as an inspiration to courage and patriotism unsigned

Single figure -- soldier
Base: approx. 79 x 40 x 40 in
Standing figure of a Doughboy in full military World War I uniform. His proper right hand is raised, and he holds a bayonet in his proper left hand. Behind him are two small tree stumps and barbed wire.
Gift of L. V. Patch. Moved from its first location, the intersection of Center Avenue, because cars drove into it. IAS files contain related newspaper clipping from Idaho Statesman (Boise, ID) dated March 2, 1981, pg. 7-B, which includes a photograph of the sculpture as it looked in the 1920s.
Administered by City of Payette, 700 Center Avenue, Payette, Idaho 83661 Located North end of Main Street, Payette, Idaho 83661

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