White Way Lighting Memorial

White Way Lighting Memorialloupe
211 Court St

This marker and accompanying light pole are located on the northeastern portion of the Guadeloupe Courthouse grounds. The marker is metal along with a white painted light pole on a concrete base. The text of the marker reads:

"'White Way' Lighting

In 1923 street lights like this were installed in downtown Seguin. Called the White Way, twenty-four lights were dedicated by the Community, as a memorial to World War I Service Men from this area who died for their country. Each light honored a veteran: Alvin Bormann, George Bartels, Ross Coates, Hiliario Cabasos, Frank Cordray, Howard M. Cone, Herman Dierks, John Ewing, Frank Harris, Frank Hagn, Willie Hartwig, Ernest E. Hoermann, Alfred Juergens, Otto H. Klein, Helmuth Kraft, Sinclair Moreland, James Ranft, Frank P. Smith, Cole F. Smith, James Springs, Louis Stolte, H. U. Wood, Guido Werner, August Weber.

Dedicated 1992"

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