Randall County Spirit of the American Doughboy

Randall County Spirit of the American Doughboyloupe
4th Ave. at 15th St.

This is a bronze statue of a World War I infantryman, advancing through the stumps  and barbed wire of No Man's Land with a hand grenade and rifle. It was sculpted by E.M. Viquesney and dedicated on November 11, 1928 to honor those who died in service in World War I, especially the ten men from Canyon who perished.

Over the years, the Doughboy suffered a lot of deterioration. The left arm had pulled away from the body; the rifle butt was dented; the rifle sling, end of the rifle and bayonet were missing, and the barbed wire was loose. A major refurbishment by Laboratory for Conservation of Fine Arts, Teaneck, New Jersey, was completed in April 1999 and the sculpture is now in excellent condition.

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