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The Spirit of the American Doughboy

The Spirit of the American Doughboyloupe
Herrin City Park
September 6, 1927
E. M. Viquesney

The left photo was taken at the former Herrin City Park location Northeast of the center of town. The Doughboy was moved in October of 2002 and rededicated the following November 11 at the new location shown on the right in a small downtown plaza area across from City Hall at the corner of North Park Avenue and West Adams Street. A major portion of the move was handled by the National Guard. The plaques honoring veterans were also moved and placed on the wall behind the Doughboy.

Single figure -- soldier
Metal (any)
Stone (any)
Figure of a World War I infantryman advancing through the stumps and barbed wire of No Man's Land. He holds a rifle in his proper left hand and a grenade in his upraised proper right hand. Figure is on a tall stone base on which is mounted a rectangular metal plaque.
Sponsored by the American Legion and VFW Posts.
Located Park, Herrin, Illinois

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