St. Adalbert's Cemetery WWI Obelisk

St. Adalbert's Cemetery WWI Obeliskloupe
3801 S. 6th St.

St. Adalbert's Cemetery -- once called Polish Union Cemetery and sometimes still known as Holy Trinity Cemetery (the two cemeteries were merged in the 1970s) -- is on Milwaukees's south side and is one of the older cemeteries in the area.  There is a corner of the cemetery into which were returned many of the Polish men from the city's south side killed in World War I. Included in this group was Sgt. John Czajka, the 4th American soldier killed in combat. In this corner of World War I graves the Army and Navy erected a stone obelisk in honor of the south side soldiers. Other former soldiers were buried here in the inter-war years and several were brought home during and after World War II.