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The Spirit of the American Doughboy

The Spirit of the American Doughboyloupe
305 South Perry Street
November 11, 1927
E. M. Viquesney

(Proper right side of self base:) Spirit of the American Doughboy/copyrighted by E.M. Viquesney, sculptor (Bronze plaque on front of base:) (eagle with wings spread) ERECTED 1927 BY/FRANCIS M. DODGE/WILBERT M. ALLEN/AND OTHER CITIZENS/IN GRATEFUL RECOGNITION/OF THE PATRIOTIC SERVICE/RENDERED BY/FOUNTAIN COUNTY/MEN AND WOMEN/DURING THE WORLD WAR/1917-1918 (Rear of base:) FOR GOD AND COUNTRY signed

Single figure -- soldier
2 1/2'
Base: approx. 7 x 5 x 5 ft
Figure of a World War I infantryman advancing through the stumps and barbed wire of No Man's Land. He holds a rifle in his proper left hand and a grenade in his upraised proper right hand. On rear of base is panel with two armed soldiers facing outward.
IAS files contain news clipping from Attica Tribune discussing dedication of memorial.
Attica Public Library, 305 South Perry Street, Attica, Indiana 47918

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