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Our Heroes of the World War

Our Heroes of the World Warloupe
1st Ave North and 4th St North
St Petersburg

The inscription on this memorial reads:

"God Gave Us Sons:
We Gave Them To Our Country
And Our Country Gave Them
Back To God."

Crenshaw Caswell 1st Lt. F. A.
James Abel 2nd Lt. Inf.

Enlisted Men
Lewis N. Brantley
George Donaldson Griffin
Edward Theodore Hall
George Harold Myers
James Clyde Mccraven
Harry J. Newkumet
Wesley Noble
William Foster Nevell
Stewart D. Ramsauer
Laurence M. Tate
Paul Other Webb
Carey Herriott (Colored)
Charles Hargray (Colored)

This Memorial Is Erected By The
St Petersburg Chapter
Of American War Mothers
To Our Sons Who Gave Their Lives
And To All Others From St. Petersburg
Who Served Our Country
In The World War
1917 — 1918

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