Camp Hancock

Camp Hancockloupe

Camp Hancock existed only from 1917-1919.  It was one of sixteen U.S. Army National Guard Mobilization and Training Camps established in 1917 to train and integrate National Guard units for service in a U.S. Army division. The site contained some 1,777 acres on a reservation of 13,811. The camp was to have a capacity of about 50,000 officers and enlisted men that would become the 28th U.S. Infantry Division.  Formed originally in August 1917 from Pennsylvania National Guard units, the Division began departing for France in April 1918. The 28th distinguished itself in combat, fighting sometimes hand to hand. The 28th suffered heavy casualties, including 2,531 killed, 13,746 wounded and 726 captured. At the end of the war the camp became a demobilization center until it was abandoned in March 1919.  No signs of the camp remain at the site along Wrightsboro Road across from the Forest Hills Golf Course.