Camp Benning

Camp Benningloupe
Photo Courtesy, Georgia Archives, Vanishing Georgia Collection, mus006

Fort Benning, today home to the U.S. Army Infantry, began in 1917 as Camp Benning.  Now the world’s premier school of arms, it has trained many of the infantry who fought in America’s wars, including noted generals such as Omar Bradley, George Marshall, Dwight D. Eisenhower, George Patton and Colin Powell.  At the outbreak of World War I, as the nation faced inadequate infantry training facilities, a board chose Columbus, Georgia, for a new, larger infantry school based on its climate, terrain and transportation.  The first camp was established in fall 1918, and named (at the request of the Columbus Rotary Club) for Confederate brigadier general Henry L. Benning, who lived in Columbus until his death in 1875.  Troops began arriving in October 1918, and the camp was made permanent and the name changed to Fort Benning in 1922.