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Memorial Park Jacksonville

Memorial Park Jacksonvillezoom
1620 Riverside Ave
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Memorial Park was designed by the famed Olmsted Brothers and dedicated on Dec. 25, 1924. It is the only park in the state dedicated to the 1,220 Floridians who lost their lives in service during World War I.

In his composition of “Life” for Memorial Park, Charles Adrian Pillars made powerful use of the grand, theatrical style of Beaux Arts sculpture. Even though this style was regarded as somewhat old-fashioned by the 1920s, Pillars nonetheless found it fitting to tell a moving story of the true spirit of those who served. He wrote that he “desired this memorial to present the idea of life, its struggle and its victory."

To further honor the fallen, the names of the more than 1220 Floridians who died in the first World War were inscribed on parchment and placed in a lead box within a bronze box inside of Life.

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