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Elbert Co. - Elberton - Memorial Park - Honoring All Veterans

Elbert Co. - Elberton - Memorial Park - Honoring All Veteransloupe
North Oliver Street
All photos courtesy of Lamar Veatch

Originally known as Service Star Legion Park, the area includes a Wilson tree, a Service Star monument, a World War I memorial, and oaks planted in memory of World War I soldiers.

From 1923 to 1984, this 1.8 acre tract was managed by the Service Star Legion of Elbert County.  It was originally donated in memory of LT Edmund Brewer Tate, III, killed in action in the Argonne forest battle on Oct. 12, 1918.   Since 1984, the renamed ‘Memorial Park” is managed by Elbert County.  It contains multiple markers honoring Elbert County dead from all U.S. wars.


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