Moina Michael – State Historical Marker

Moina Michael – State Historical Markerloupe
near Good Hope Church on Ga. Highway 83
Good Hope
Erected in 1958 near Good Hope Church on Ga. Highway 83, it is inscribed, “Moina Michael, educator, patriot, and internationally known as ‘The Poppy Lady,’ was born near here August 15, 1869. A granite boulder marks her birthplace. She received her early education at Braswell Academy and at Martin Institute, Jefferson, Georgia. Her first teaching was in a log cabin on her father’s plantation and in an old store at Good Hope. Miss Michael’s inspiration for the Flanders Field Poppy as the memorial emblem came to her November 9, 1918, just before Armistice Day, while she was serving with the YMCA in New York. From the sale of poppies made by disabled veterans in hospitals, millions of dollars are realized annually for their aid. Miss Michael died May 10, 1944, and is buried in Monroe, Ga.