WWI Monument - Edgewater

WWI Monument - Edgewaterloupe
Route 5 & River Road
Ettore Cadorin

Located at a major road intersection in Edgewater, Bergen County, the monument consists of two bronze relief plaques mounted to the face of a quarry-faced, stone slab. The plaques were designed by sculptor Ettore Cadorin.

The upper plaque depicts a sailor, soldier, & marine, each dressed in uniform, standing side by side with their arms interlinked. The sailor has a raised right arm and points to a depiction of a ship at sea at the left side of the plaque. The figure at right holds a rifle by its barrel in his lowered left hand.

The lower plaque depicts a seated allegorical female figure, dressed in flowing robes who raises her right arm while holding a flagpole with unfurled flag with her left hand. To the right of the figure is a list of names.

The monument, originally erected to honor veterans of the Great War, now has plaques commemorating service in World War II, Korea and Vietnam, as well. 

Narrative adapted from Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS) inventory #NJ000240.

Photo courtesy of:  Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS)