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WWI Memorial - Improved Order of Red Men Great Council of NJ - Tuckerton

WWI Memorial - Improved Order of Red Men Great Council of NJ - Tuckertonzoom
W. Main Street & Great Bay Boulevard
Nicola Berardo

The monument consists of a standing figure of an Indian chief dressed in a loincloth and wearing an elaborate headdress with tails that fall down his back.   He is cradling a tomahawk with his arms folded across his upper chest.

The bronze statue stands atop an inscribed granite base. The monument was dedicated to members of the Improved Order of Red Men (IORM) who lost their lives during World War I.  Erected by the IORM of Camden County, it was dedicated on October 13, 1920; rededicated  May 21, 1981. 

Narrative adapted from Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS) inventory #NJ000233. 

Photos courtesy of:  NJ State Historic Preservation Office

Vintage photo courtesy of:  New Jersey State Archives

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Improved Order of Red Men

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